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Pink Knit Overlay & Culottes

Pink Knit Overlay & Culottes

$ 25.00

ONLY 1 Available! 

This overlay was made by me. This overlay has been never been worn. When this was made, I was practicing and learning to sew garments. The overlay is made from lightweight pink knit fabric (polyester) (the same type of fabric used to make palazzo pants).  The bodice is double lined for modesty, the skirt is a single layer hanky hem. The skirt appears slightly darker than the bodice because of a slight color variation in the fabric. The skirt color matches the culottes. 

The culottes are made from the same fabric; they are wide and flow like a skirt. They are meant to be about ankle length. However, depending on your height, they may stop above the ankle or be mid-calf. The elastic waistband has a slight opening, so you can adjust the tightness of the elastic (see photo below next to the photo of the pants). Comes with a matching scrunchie.

This is perfect for preps or dance conferences.

  • Bust: approximately 46 inches
  • Length (shoulder to the front part of the skirt: approximately 38.5 inches
  • Culottes: approximately 31 inches from the waist to ankle